Enhance your agents' performance

Give your agents AI-powered tools to understand and
resolve customer issues more efficiently, accurately and in a personalized way.

By making every agent your best agent, Acai helps your business

Reduce AHT

Drive efficiency and reduce average handing time by 60%

Train agents in no time

Get new hires up to speed in a fraction of the time

Resolve workforce scarcity

Resolve the ongoing agent scarcity issue by hiring non-GDS / non-PSS trained agents

Knowledge management

Build your agents' expertise in an instant

Whether it's a new hire or experienced employee, give your agents an AI colleague that can deliver information on any subject: supplier details, GDS manuals, travel policies, fee calculations, visas and more.

Connect data from all your accounts

Connect your SharePoint sites, Google Drive folders, DOCXs and PDFs, and let Acai's AI digest all this data and fetch the right answers, saving your agents time and resources.

Boost your data with Acai's unique travel datasets

Augment your datasets with Acai's data on airline policies, hotel amenities, visa information and more to improve the quality of your customer responses.

Deploy the solution securely

Deploy the solution in your private tenant or tunnel and into your cloud provider to use foundational models. We also do not train LLMs over your data to ensure maximum security.


Add GDS capabilities to make work faster and more accurate

Help your agents get more done by integrating automated GDS capabilities such as PNR proofreading, SSR remarks, schedule changes and waivers into their workflows.


Help your agent streamline and execute transactional queries

Let your agents focus on customer service and leave the complex tasks to AI. Acai's AI will help fetch parameters, prepare an editable basket of trip options, draft a personalized response for your agents to send to your customers and more.

The agent is always in control

Though the AI takes care of bookings, changes, cancellations, FAQs and more, your agents will always be supervising to ensure accuracy and optimal quality.

Integrate easily with GDS

The AI curates a basket of options, sourcing availabilities from multiple GDS and hotel sources.

Private fares, multiple PCCs/OID

We can load your private fares; work with net or commissionable rates; and search, book and issue in as many PCCs and OID as you need.


Enable every agent to be GDS fluent

Acai will translate GDS speak into plain English with our GDS overlay so any agent, regardless of GDS training, can help with bookings, changes and cancellations.

Hire tech savvy agents any time, any place

Hire customer service representatives anywhere in the world and train them to service reservations without prior GDS training

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Peak volume? Switch agents as needed

In the case of a service disruption, easily switch your agents from one GDS-serviced account to another.

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Designed for any GDS

Operating in Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo, Galielo, Worldspan? We've got you covered

Integrated within your omnichannel

Whether Salesforce, Genesys, Zendesk or another, Acai products can be integrated into your CRM of choice, so that agents do not leave their main screen.


Integrated with your software ecosystem

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