About us

We unleash the full potential of travel operations with AI-powered automation while cultivating a culture of self-reflection, stillness, and curiosity. We inspire positive changes and look for untapped opportunities.

Executive team

Our leadership has deep expertise in travel tech and AI, counting previous exits and several companies built in the travel space

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Riccardo Vittoria, CEO

Riccardo, a distinguished Fulbright scholar and innovative serial entrepreneur, boasts a robust background in AI and industrial engineering. He founded and successfully led a company specializing in AI-driven solutions for enhancing the efficiency of travel call centers. This venture drew significant attention, culminating in its acquisition by American Express GBT in 2020. Post-acquisition, Riccardo spearheaded the AI initiatives at AmexGBT.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Riccardo is extremely passionate about tennis, Afro-Latin dancing, playing music, cognitive behavioral theories and ,of course, aviation.

Henry Chen Weinstein, President

Henry, who is a dynamic venture capitalist and a fervent advocate for high-impact entrepreneurship, has been instrumental in shaping the future of travel technology. As the co-founder and managing partner of One Travel Ventures, Henry focuses on addressing the most pressing challenges in the rapidly expanding travel industry. He's also a co-founder of Travel Tech Nation, a pioneering crowdsourced platform and community for travel tech professionals. With a rich history in venture capital and product development, Henry's influence extends across various roles, including as an investor in groundbreaking startups and as a strategic advisor to numerous corporations. His recognition includes Forbes 30 under 30, Phocuswright 35 under 35 in Travel, and Israel's 100 most influential people in digital.

Pavel Pratyush, Head of Engineering

Pavel Pratyush is renowned for his leadership in tech environments ranging from eBay to ManoMano, a EU unicorn startup where he was Head of Engineering.

With a strong grasp of Agile principles and a strategic approach to AI, Pavel has excelled in leading large engineering teams and spearheading major technology initiatives. His role as an Associate Professor reflects his commitment to education and knowledge sharing in the field of computer science.

Pavel's unique blend of industry expertise and academic insight drives innovation and growth at Acai Travel.

Our values

Principles that drive everything we do

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Ego-less approach

We foster a culture where ego is identified as a hindrance to progress. We humbly assume we could be incorrect and value the perspectives of others, enabling us to converge swiftly on more intelligent solutions.

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Rooted in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, we understand that our perceptions are largely self-generated interpretations of reality. We take responsibility for our emotional reactions to interactions, acknowledging that these emotions stem from within us and are within our control.

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We practice mental and emotional stillness, diffusing negative emotions while nourishing the positive ones. This state of calm enhances our ability to listen and understand our colleagues effectively.

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We commit ourselves to growing comfortable with discomfort. We view each challenge as an opportunity to learn and train ourselves to maintain equanimity in the face of adversity.

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We see multiple opportunities behind every problem, to the extent that we want to face problems so that we can more quickly grow our company with new-found, beautiful possibilities.

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We help our clients, partners and suppliers with achieve their very best, and we help the industry grow and innovate, as we believe travel is the key to expanding our minds and creating new inventions.