Deploy AI-driven customer self-service

Let AI be your first layer of support so your agents can help with more complex issues and your customers can enjoy faster more personalized service.


Keep inbound requests low and customer satisfaction high

Take volume away from your agents, while allowing your customers to enjoy a quicker and more personalized service. Don't worry—an agent is only a click away to help with any escalations or complex queries.


Provide a personalized self-service booking experience

Your travelers can count on lightning-fast assistance without waiting for an agent's reply. The AI knows their preferences, booking history, corporate policies and rates, and suggests the best options within seconds.

Automated transactional scenarios

The AI can handle bookings, changes, cancellations without an agent, freeing up your agents for other customers.

Integrates easily with your GDS

The AI sources options from your GDS(s) and hotel sources quickly.

Private fares, multiple PCCs/OID

We can load your private fares; work with net or commissionable rates; and search, book and issue in as many PCCs and OID as you need.


Deliver customer support in a matter of clicks

Help your travelers get quick, automated assistance on their trip information, tech support, visas information and more


Integrated with your software ecosystem

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