Optimize your operations

Whether you want to automate your existing processes or restructure your call center altogether, Acai can help make your operations more efficient and flexible.


Acai helps your business create new value through your operations by:

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1) Automating existing processes so you can save time and resources quickly

Easily deployable, low effort solutions to drive more efficiency in a surgical way. Acai integrates with your platforms and optimizes your workflow at scale, so that you can reduce AHT and have control.

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2) Building a new kind of workforce

AI empowers inexperienced agents with the same abilities as a veteran so you can hire anyone, anywhere, with the ability to service any account, in any language, on any GDS (or no GDS training at all).
This helps solve workforce scarcity and wage inflation by hiring in low cost countries while maintaining the same CSAT levels.


Intelligently route customer matters to the right agents

Let AI route each customer issue to the right agent group, whether it's complex international bookings to your most experienced agents, point-to-point domestic bookings to an offshore team, or a request for an invoice to a non-GDS-trained agent.

Assign the right case to the right agent

With 97%+ accuracy in our intent recognition, you can rest assured the right customer emails and queries get to the right agent.

Create as many groupings to support your business needs

Assemble as many agent groups as you need so we can route issues to the right agents.

Connect to your platform and CRM of choice

Whether it's Salesforce, Genesys, Amazon Connect or MS Exchange, we we can connect to your preferred platform.


Help your agents talk the talk

Our AI translates emails, summarizes threads, extracts parameters, highlights duplicate information and suggests next steps in multiple languages. So regardless of what language your agents speak best, they can always help your customers.


Empower your agents with expertise on any account

Whether it's a new hire or experienced employee, give your agents an AI colleague that can understand any account and deliver information on any subject: supplier details, IT manuals, GDS manuals, travel policies, calculating fees, authorizations, visas and more.


Enable every agent to be GDS fluent

Acai will translate GDS speak into plain English with our GDS overlay so any agent, regardless of GDS training, can help with bookings, changes and cancellations.

Hire tech savvy agents any time, any place

Hire customer service representatives anywhere in the world and train them to service reservations without prior GDS training.

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Peak volume? Switch agents as needed

In the case of a service disruption, easily switch your agents from one GDS-serviced account to another.

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Designed for any GDS

Operating in Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo, Galielo, Worldspan? We've got you covered.

Control center

Continuously control, monitor, analyze, improve

Our AI operations dashboard allows you to take full control of and optimize your call center. Understand how your operations are doing, find low hanging fruit to improve operations, and empower your team leaders with data to better understand their agents' performance and client needs.

Track intents, find patterns, unlock opportunities

Understand your volume and find strategies to optimize your ops. You'll even be able to benchmark your performance against similar companies.

Use AI to understand service quality

AI can calculate CSAT, analyze customer feedback, track how your agents are influencing sentiment, and more.

All at a granular level

Analyze your call center data on a global level, by account, by queue, or by agent pod.


Integrated with your software ecosystem

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